Student Evaluator Has Saved Our Teachers:

53 Years
10 Months
28 Days
19 Hours
07 Minutes

Through extensive time trial testing we have found that teachers save an average of 17 minutes per report when using the Student Evaluator evaluation tool.

This counter increases by 17 minutes for each report that is written by our teachers and has been running since Student Evaluator was started in 2012. What will you do with the time you save?




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ReportingEvaluate Grade 1-8 students for both learning skills and character educationxx
Evaluate Kindergarten students using the four frames and all overall expectationsxx
Create your report card learning skills comments in under 3 minutesxx
Generate an overall mark for each learning skillxx
Parent and student-friendly languagexx
Organic, flowing sentences unique to each student’s accomplishments and needsxx
Constructive feedback that identifies a students’ strengths and needsxx
Gender neutral pronounsxx
TrackingKeeps track of each student’s report card comments for each termxx
Export your comments at the end of the school year and save for future usexx
Easily reference your report comments for meetings with parentsxx
Full-access FeaturesCreate a PDF overview of each report for your parent/teacher meetingsx
Insert system-generated, personalized Next Steps directly into your reportx
Automatically create distance learning comments along with your learning skills (Grades 1-8 only) 
Manage multiple classrooms with different grade levelsx
Customize your report by choosing which questions to reviewx
Expand your report into separate sections by learning skill or framex
Choose whether to report in the present or past tense (Grades 1-8 only)x
Optionally, use our “Auto Tense” feature to report in the correct tense for each of the reporting periods. This feature will automatically change the final report of the year to past tense to read more reflectively (Grades 1-8 only)x
Edit your report after it has been savedx
Choose from a selection of opening and closing comments (Grades 1-8 only)x
Automatically generate a “Next Steps” report for parent conferences and student development (Grades 1-8 only)x
Create a Quick Report which allows you to instantly create an individualized report for each of your students (Grades 1-8 only)x
Access to our library of additional reporting resourcesx
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Saving you time and helping you report more effectively.

The price is based on an annual subscription that gives you access to an amazing tool that will save you hours of time and evaluate your students more effectively.

Annual subscription covers all three report periods.

For each evaluation your account is debited one credit. With an annual subscription you are allotted 100 credits, which you can use to evaluate your students over the three reporting periods.

This annual subscription will automatically renew each year, on the day of the year you originally subscribed. However, at any time you may cancel your subscription from your account profile page.

Your subscription will expire one year from the day it was purchased.

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