Student Evaluator Has Saved Our Teachers:

53 Years
5 Months
17 Days
03 Hours
28 Minutes

Through extensive time trial testing we have found that teachers save an average of 17 minutes per report when using the Student Evaluator evaluation tool.

This counter increases by 17 minutes for each report that is written by our teachers and has been running since Student Evaluator was started in 2012. What will you do with the time you save?

Free Learning Skills Resources Are Here!


We have added some amazing new resources that subscribers get FREE with their annual subscription…CHECK IT OUT!

At Student Evaluator, we are constantly attempting to add value to our very inexpensive report card writing program.  As many of our current teacher subscribers know, the $24.99 subscription not only pays for our web-based comment generating program for report card comments, it also gives you access to a full suite of FREE resources to support your assessment practices throughout the year.  He have recently added some fantastic new files to the database, including:

  • 6 new anchor charts for each of the Ontario Learning Skills
  • A Comprehensive Student Led Conference Resource Package
  • An interactive and editable Learning Skills Self-Assessment Tool
  • An interactive and editable Learning Skills Evaluation Handbook

We hope you enjoy the new additions, and we thank you all for your ongoing input.  Please continue to let us know how we can improve, and best of luck with your report cards.

From your friends at Student Evaluator.

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