Student Evaluator Has Saved Our Teachers:

55 Years
2 Months
18 Days
00 Hours
13 Minutes

Through extensive time trial testing we have found that teachers save an average of 17 minutes per report when using the Student Evaluator evaluation tool.

This counter increases by 17 minutes for each report that is written by our teachers and has been running since Student Evaluator was started in 2012. What will you do with the time you save?

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New Ontario Report Card Format Update


On February 13, 2018, the new Minister of Education, Indira Naidoo-Harris, announced that the province wide implementation of global competencies/transferable skills in the Ontario report card will not more forward for the 2018-19 school year. It would appear that ETFO’s position is “that while the global competencies/transferable skills are important for students, educators should be… Read More »

New Kindergarten Tool Released for Fall 2017


We just released a new version of our Kindergarten reporting tool today and it is awesome! Our amazing group of writers toiled endlessly this summer to rewrite the entire programme to include Key, Growth and Next Steps in Learning for EACH overall expectation! Now instead of having to choose the focus of your report you… Read More »

Kindergarten Reporting Information


Hello kindergarten teachers, Hope your week went well. We know you’ve been itching to try out our new tool – so we created a page with a little more info about our program. Click here for more information about our latest addition to our suite of evaluation tools.

Kindergarten Beta Test – Reserve Your Spot


We have a limited number of spots available for our January 2017 beta test of our new Kindergarten reporting program that was developed with the new Ontario frame-based reporting format. If you are interested in taking part in a trial, click here for more information.

New Kindergarten Report Card Comments on the Way!


We are working on a new version of our popular report card program for the new Ontario Kindergarten Report Cards. Our teachers are presently hard at work developing report card comments for the new Ontario Kindergarten Report Card.  The comments will be designed using the new Kindergarten addendum to the Growing Success Document.  Our program… Read More »

Tips for Report Card Writing, Part One


Get Organized Early On There’s no better way to cause yourself term-end stress than to feel like you’ve left all your marking and filing to the last minute. The school year can be relentless, and it’s easy to fall behind on the after-hours work, but try to establish a marking and recording schedule in September… Read More »

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