Student Evaluator Has Saved Our Teachers:

55 Years
2 Months
22 Days
20 Hours
57 Minutes

Through extensive time trial testing we have found that teachers save an average of 17 minutes per report when using the Student Evaluator evaluation tool.

This counter increases by 17 minutes for each report that is written by our teachers and has been running since Student Evaluator was started in 2012. What will you do with the time you save?

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Tips for Report Card Writing, Part One


Get Organized Early On There’s no better way to cause yourself term-end stress than to feel like you’ve left all your marking and filing to the last minute. The school year can be relentless, and it’s easy to fall behind on the after-hours work, but try to establish a marking and recording schedule in September… Read More »

Start Working On Your Report Card Comments Now!


Why wait for the anxiety of report card writing time to complete your report card comments? Using Student Evaluator, you can easily write your report card comments now, and save them for later. Don’t let the stress and frustration of report card time get to you when it’s crunch time. Chip away at them now… Read More »

Free Learning Skills Resources Are Here!


We have added some amazing new resources that subscribers get FREE with their annual subscription…CHECK IT OUT! At Student Evaluator, we are constantly attempting to add value to our very inexpensive report card writing program.  As many of our current teacher subscribers know, the $24.99 subscription not only pays for our web-based comment generating program for… Read More »

Amazing Free Resources…And More To Come!


Look at what you get free with your report card writing subscription…you won’t believe it! If you weren’t already aware, our subscribers get full access to any amazing array of highly rated resources with their subscription to our report card comment program.  As shown in the picture, your $24.99 goes a long way!  Not only do… Read More »

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year teachers!  Thanks for a great 2014. Our elves have been hard at work over the holidays building new resources and all kinds of goodies to make managing your reports even easier.  Standby for their release in the next week or so.  Happy reporting!

Next Step Comment Bank and Samples for Teachers


Free Next Step Comments For Social Studies, Science, Language and Math Our Learning Skills Anchor Chart…free with your subscription. We have been listening to your requests for more resources, and created a few more FREE next step comment banks for our valued subscribers.  Included with your subscription, you will get access to the following additional… Read More »

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