Student Evaluator Has Saved Our Teachers:

55 Years
2 Months
22 Days
20 Hours
57 Minutes

Through extensive time trial testing we have found that teachers save an average of 17 minutes per report when using the Student Evaluator evaluation tool.

This counter increases by 17 minutes for each report that is written by our teachers and has been running since Student Evaluator was started in 2012. What will you do with the time you save?

Our web-based AI-powered tool has been designed by teachers, for teachers, to efficiently and expertly create a report card comment to be used when writing report cards.

The AI Report Card Writing Tool That Teachers Love

AI-Generated Assessment Reports

The AI-engine powers tailored, learning skills assessment and unique next-steps to report on each student individually.

Designed for teachers, not administrators

The Student Evaluator has been designed with the teacher in mind and meets the high-standards of the Canadian school system. However, many international teachers and schools use our AI tools to assess their students.

Meets current report card standards

Designed to meet ALL of the requirements of standard learning skills assessments. This tool not only creates an accurate text-based evaluation of each student, but will also track the student’s progress over the school year.

Includes distance learning comments

Available for Grades 1 through 8 our distance learning comments may be toggled on for individual students or the entire class.

Supports new reporting standards for Kindergarten

Evaluate your students over all four frames and provide personalized feedback for each overall expectation.

Unique and accurate learning skills comments

Thanks to our advanced AI, Each generated report card comment is unique, gender specific and organic in nature. The Student Evaluator identifies areas in which students excel and where there are opportunities for improvement.

Next steps for learning skills

Create automatic and personalized next step comments that are easily inserted right into your report.

Gender neutral pronouns

We have supported comment generation that would automatically assign traditional pronouns to reports since we developed this tool for teachers. We are proud to announce that we now support 4 different types of gender neutral pronouns that fall inline with the expectations of all Boards, students and parents.

Interactive and easy-to-use professional evaluation tool

Using our interactive tool, teachers can quickly and easily evaluate their students and create a comprehensive paragraph of text that details their students’ progress over the term.

Why Choose Student Evaluator?

Why you should use Student Evaluator:

  • You can create your report card learning skills comments for each student in under 3 minutes!
  • The Student Evaluator AI generation tool can create assessments of your students for your report cards and for your parent/teacher meetings.
  • It is the only student evaluation tool designed for teachers, by teachers.
  • The Student Evaluator tool also generates an overall mark for each learning skill, next steps and comprehensive overall reports.

The Student Evaluator tool generates comments using:

  • Parent and student-friendly language.
  • Organic, flowing sentences unique to each student’s accomplishments and needs.
  • Constructive feedback that identifies a students’ strengths and needs.
  • A selected group of complementary phrases that have been specifically created for each learning skill.
  • The four Kindergarten frames utilizing all overall expectations.

Our secure database:

  • Keeps track of each student’s report card comments for each term.
  • Can be purged at the end of the school year and saved for future use.
  • Provides a great tool for checking each student’s performance throughout the term.
  • Can be easily referenced for meetings with parents.

How Student Evaluator Works

Easy as 1-2-3

Step 1. Setup a quick profile for your student.
Step 2. Assess your student across six different dimensions of evaluation.
Step 3. Create a unique and custom text report detailing your student’s progress with a click of a button.

How it works

The Student Evaluator uses six different dimensions to evaluate each student’s learning skills using a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI). Each section poses a number of questions, and once the teacher enters their responses, Student Evaluator will create a unique paragraph of text outlining the student’s progress over the term.

Our advanced AI will create a comment that is gender specific, inserts the student’s name, and offers the option to add a personal note to the beginning or the end of the report. It will even insert next steps right into the comment so that you can provide both an evaluation and a plan to the parents & student.

If you would like to see a sample of the report, please click the button below.

Sample Report

Kindergarten Reports

Student Evaluator now supports the new FDK reporting standard which utilizes four frames of evaluation across numerous overall expectations.

Quickly and easily create a report that focusses on Key, Growth and Next Steps in Learning for each of the overall expectations.

Add examples to your report to zero in on the specific expectations you’d like to highlight using our Example tool during editing.

We now support the generation of the condensed Initial Observations report!

Click here for more information about Kindergarten reporting.

Affordably Priced

For one low annual subscription you will be able to create 100 evaluations for your students. In addition, you will have access to all of our evaluation tools, report aids and resources materials.

Pricing Info

Annual Subscription Covers All Three Report Periods

This annual subscription will automatically renew each year, on the day of the year you originally subscribed. However, at any time you may cancel your subscription from your account profile page.

Your subscription will expire one year from when it was purchased.

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You’ll be amazed how well our report card comment generator works!

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