Canada's Only Online Report Card Comment Generator

Our web-based system has been designed by teachers, for teachers, to efficiently and expertly create a report card comments to be used when writing report cards.

"Helping teachers one report at a time."

Designed for Canadian teachers

The Student Evaluator has been designed with the teacher in mind and meets the high-standards of the Canadian school system.

Interactive and easy-to-use professional evaluation tool

Using our interactive tool, teachers can quickly and easily evaluate their students and create a comprehensive paragraph of text that details their students' progress over the term.

Meets current report card standards

Designed to meet the requirements of learning skills assessments, this tool not only creates an accurate text-based evaluation of each student, but will also track the student's progress over the school year.

Unique and accurate learning skills comments

Each generated report card comment is unique, gender specific and organic in nature. The Student Evaluator identifies areas in which students excel and where there are opportunities for improvement. This tool creates easy-to-read and understandable text-based report card comments so that parents can identify their child's strengths and weaknesses.

Student Evaluator also generates next steps for improvement and provides character education comments for each term's report card.

Student Evaluator Introduction

You'll be amazed how well our report card comment generator works!